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Since our inception,July 1996 Ravian Pharmaceuticals Ltd. We evolve as a leader in the pharmaceuticals business, with a technology profile, quality level and growth that have parallel in the global pharmaceutical industry. This evolution is reflected in our multi-tier integration encompassing APIs and dosage forms for regulated and emerging markets, drug discovery and drug delivery system, capturing all the critical dimensions of the value.
Rakesh Mishra (CMD)

A clear strategic focus on niche generics and drug discovery, value chain integration, product versatility, state-of-the-art infrastructure, collaborations and partnerships and an empowered organisation constitute the key elements of our growth model. The strategic and structural transformation achieved by us has propelled the company into new horizons of growth.

We have always countered challenges successfully with our operational efficiency and best management of Human Capital. Talent management and talent transformation hold the key to Ravian ’s business development. The remarkable transformation over the years has been in no small measure due to the team efforts of the entire organisation, which has always striven to excel over itself. As always, people at Ravian are and would make the positive difference in the quest towards achieving higher levels of growth and profitability in the years to come.


We hope this website helps you in identifying your requirements and is useful in presenting an insight into our organisation’s service capabilities and aspirations.



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